Belgian Pack

What’s included?

5 night stay at the Ibis Zürich Messe Airport hotel, at walking distance from the Congress. Access to the Belgian Reception. Inclusion in all of the communication channels and tips and tricks!

The organizing team will make sure your stay in Switzerland is as pleasant and frictionless as possible!

Not included: travel to/from Switzerland, and your Congress Fee.

Optional: Belgian Polo

Ibis Zürich Messe Airport

This hotel is within walking distance of the Congress building!

Otherwise, it offers affordable rates in combination with a good service & free wifi (think about your phone bill, this isn’t the EU!)

All in all, a great choice to not make the price of the Belgian Delegation explode while still offering a comfortable room.

Belgian Reception

The Belgian Reception will take place on Wednesday the 15th, in the late afternoon. This places it in between the official afternoon activities of the Congress and the evening parties. You won’t have to miss anything of the official program, and still gives you an opportunity to reconnect with your fellow Belgian attendees!

The concept isn’t decided on yet. We’re still looking at possible venues and types of events. 

Small bites and drinks will be included!

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Congress Fee

We will not be offering the Congress Fee (your access ticket to the actual Congress) in our packages. This has 2 important reasons:

  1. The fees are sold by JCI HQ, based in the USA. This means they sell in USD, and currency conversions fluctuate over time. We want to give everyone control over what they pay and how they pay it.
  2. JCI Switzerland will be using JVC as their management platform for the Congress. This means that not only your fee is sold there, but also your program will be handled there. It makes no sense for us to be an additional step between you and your fee.
For the latest news, take a look at the JCI WC Website and subscribe to our newsletter lower on this page!

Buy your Congress Fee via the JCI Virtual Community!

Be aware of the deadlines:

Early Bird – USD 575 – until 28/02/2023!

Regular – USD 625 – until 31/07/2023

Late Bird – USD 675 – until Congress start

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