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JCI World Congress – Zürich, CH

In this email:

  • World Congress Program

  • Belgian participants update

  • New location for the World Congress

  • Possible Belgian Hotel change

  • JVC Ticket Status ‘Pending’

  • Belgian Reception

  • Food

Congress Program

Should be out in the upcoming weeks! We are looking forward!

Belgian Participants

Earlier this week, I was informed by Zürich that 25 Belgians have bought a Congress Fee.

We’ve got 20 participants for the Belgian Delegation.

The above 2 lists don’t match up completely, so we assume we’re at around 30 participants total from Belgium!

9 people are ready for our epic pretour!

Are you not yet in our private Whatsapp Group for Belgian Participants? Shoot us a quick message!

New Congress Location

JCI Switzerland has a new location for the World Congress. The reasons why aren’t very clear to us, but the Messe Zürich isn’t part of the Congress Venues any more.


This is an ice hockey and entertainment arena located in Alstetten, a suburb to the west of Zürich. It opened in October 2022, so it’s brand new!

Swiss Life Arena
Swiss Life Arena Website
Location on Google Maps

Possible Belgian Hotel Change

The Venue change means that our hotel (Ibis Messe Zürich Airport) is at a 8 km walk to the new location, instead of 1 km to the old one. This hurts.

One thing we’ve got going for us is that JCI CH negotiated a great deal with Zürich Transportation. For +- 6€ per day, you can move around all regions that you need to for the Congress, including our current hotel and the new Swiss Life Arena.

Link: Ticket includes zones 110 and 121

The Zürich public transport runs pretty much all night, so if you want to go for drinks in the city center, you’ll be able to get back to the hotel easily and it will be included in the transport ticket.

We are looking into options to change hotels for a similar price, but so far we’ve had no luck. This isn’t an easy feat for a large group like ours, and prices are already climbing. We’ll keep you posted, of course.

JVC ‘Pending’ status

Some people mention their ticket stays on the ‘Pending’ status on JVC.

If it stays that way for over a week, e-mail and put in CC. That way we can follow up alongside you, and use our contacts if necessary.

Belgian Reception

In progress.

We are currently looking into options to combine this evening with JCI Luxemburg and/or JCI The Netherlands. If not, it’ll be the classic Belgian reception you all know and love.


Your congress fee includes lunch.

On the evening events, there will be snacks, but no full meals. The Swiss are working on providing midnight snacks.

I, personally, assume this will come down whether or not it fits in the budget 😉


Congress Fee (need JVC Account)
Belgian Pack

Need help, or have questions about any of these? Reach out to us!

Feel free to forward this e-mail to your Jaycee friends!

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