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JCI World Congress – Zürich, CH

In this email:

  • Belgian participants update

  • Amphibians?

  • No Belgian Hotel change

  • Transport

  • Belgian Reception

  • Merch

  • Ticket sale ends 10 Oct

Belgian Participants

We’ve passed 30 Belgian participants!

Send us a message to be added to the Whatsapp Group.

JVC and Amphibians

JVC is out, Eventfrog is in! JVC will no longer be used (we’re getting EC Bruges vibes) for both ticket sales and program selection.

This means:

  1. All tickets bought on JVC will be transferred to Eventfrog. You’ll receive a personal e-mail with instructions.

  2. All program items will be booked through Eventfrog.

  3. If you haven’t got your Congress Fee, you can get one via https://www.jci-wc23.ch/ticketing/

Eventfrog is a professional Swiss ticket platform, so we expect a well-working app and calendar when the switch has happened!

No Belgian Hotel Change

We will NOT be changing hotels. The difference in price would simply be too great, and with a change we’d still be at a significant distance from the Congress Venue.

Also, the price/quality balance was always important to us, going to a rather expensise country. Sleeping at the Ibis Messe Zürich Airport ensures it stays that way.


This brings us neatly to the question of transport.

Transport via VBZ

Tickets will be sold through Eventfrog for public transport. Valid 14-19. Nov, for 6 CHF per day. You will receive a PDF that you must print and carry with you at all times. An electronic copy does not suffice.

Link: Ticket includes zones 110 and 121

It’s about 40 mins by public transport from our hotel to the Congress venue.

Transport via Vertt

This is an app-based taxi service, similar to Uber.

For the period of 1 October through 30 November, all JCI members are entitled to receive five rides with a discount of 20% on the first CHF 50 of each ride. You can activate the discountcode starting on 1 October using this link or directly in the app using the code JCI20.

It’s about a 20 minute taxi ride from our hotel to the Congress venue.

Belgian Reception

Details coming soon!

It will take place on the Wednesday of the Congress week (on the 15th) in the early evening. Chances are great it will take place at the Congress Venue itself: in between the afternoon program and the evening parties.

Expect news soon about a Reception Only ticket, for those that don’t stay in the Belgian hotel.


Interested in merch? Click to link below to find JCI-branded products such as polo shirts, insulated bottles, badges, and Victorinox knifes!

You can order them to be picked up when you check in to the Congress, no shipping required.


Ticket sale end

We will end the ticket sale for The Belgian Pack and Pretour on the 10th of October!

By then, we need to give the final numbers to the hotels and other activities. Please spread the word. Less than a month to go!

Some of you have registered your Belgian Packs, but haven’t paid them yet. Please do so before the 10th of October!

If the payment link in your e-mail has expired, you can manually transfer to money to JCI Lier on BE29 2300 0000 4464. Please state your name and order number in the message. Alternatively, ask us for a new payment link for online payment via Bancontact.

Ticket links

Congress Fee (New link!)
Belgian Pack

Need help, or have questions about any of these? Reach out to us!

Feel free to forward this e-mail to your Jaycee friends!

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