Visit to Bern & Zürich

In early April, the organising comittee visited Bern and Zürich. During an intense weekend, we checked most stops on our pretour, visited the hotels we prebooked, and checked some venues for the Belgian reception. Of course, we also met with some people from JCI Switzerland!

It’s about 6 months till congress start, so we really wanted to finalize our program!

So what is confirmed? 

  • Hotels for Pretour and Belgian Pack
  • Most of the Pretour activities – still a few unknowns, not many

What isn’t?

  • Location for Belgian Reception in Zürich (everything is stupid expensive there and we need to look at other options than initally planned)

We’re well ahead of schedule, so no stress 🙂 

Some pictures of our trip

More info on our offer

Do you need info on your GA?

Would you like us to visit your GA, send an info package, or help you with promo for the WC? Let us know via a simple email!

Important to remember: 31st of July, prices of the Congress Fee rise from USD 625 to USD 675 !

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